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Welcome to iconschool, an intermediate-to-advanced icon tutorial community for PS and PSP users.

iconschool is:
-> a community where you will learn new techniques from tutorials created by experienced PS and PSP users.

iconschool is not:
-> an icon request community.
-> a place to ask questions, unless they're regarding a specific tutorial.
-> an introductory tutorial community. This is not where you'll learn about how to put text on an icon, or what a brush is, or how to animate frames. If you are coming here to learn how to do these things, you won't. There are several communities, icon_tutorial being a prime example, that can teach you all the basics of PS, PSP, and icon-making. It's a great place to learn basic tips and techniques. If you're not able to follow along with the tutorials in this community, we recommend you go there first.

-> All entries are moderated.
-> This community is not a place to flame each other. We will not tolerate flame wars, at all. Period. Underline. Exclamation point. You get the idea. So just don't start them. We don't want to ban anyone, but we will if pushed.

Submitting a tutorial:
-> We will only accept tutorials with real lj-cuts. If your entry links to another journal where the tutorial resides, it will be automatically denied. If this happens, please feel free to amend your entry to include the lj-cut and resubmit it.
-> In the subject line, please state whether the tutorial is for PS or PSP users. Also include a short description of the tutorial.
-> When you submit a tutorial, you'll receive a message stating that your post has gone into a queue. After one of the mods has reviewed your tutorial, you'll receive a second message, stating either that the tutorial's been accepted, or it's been rejected. If your tutorial is rejected, an explanation will be included in the second message.

Reasons a tutorial may be rejected:
-> Fake cuts
-> Title information missing or insufficient
-> Too basic, not enough complexity
-> Aesthetic reasons (you don't have to submit a masterpiece, but if it's not attractive it's coming back to you. Sorry.)

Remember: You can always resubmit your tutorial if it was denied because of fake cuts or titling problems. Just make the corrections and send it through again. We are not trying to be difficult - if an entry's submitted correctly, it's easier for other members to find and understand.

After a tutorial's been accepted, the mods will place appropriate tags on the entry.

How to Locate Tutorials
To find a tutorial, click a tag in the Tags list on the main page. All tutorials containing that tag will appear. For example, want to learn more about blends? Just click the "blends" tag. Only tutorials containing blends examples will display.

Questions? Comments? If so, please email us at iconschool @ gmail.com (strip the whitespace from the address before sending).

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